Metatron cosmetics have been developed as skin care items exclusively sold to beauty dermatology clinics and aesthetic salons. Our concept is developed to be loyal to the idea that “Skin care experts (Skincare Practitioners) should be able to answer the skin issues of own clients”. Particularly as one gets older the signs of aging become equally troublesome for all women.

This “loyalty” can be shown in the manner that we design our own products to solve skin aging issues by offering everyday skin care and regular cosmetic care treatment, and continue to seek our clients’ satisfaction by involving the expertise and advice of skin specialists.

In that sense, we believe that cosmetic developers like us and clinics, salon beauty treatment experts and the actual cosmetic users should be connected with each other by their unified commitment toward beauty. It is essential for this relationship to exist all parties must be involved. We have no intention to sell Metatron cosmetic products by methods such as mail order or store sales except in future specializes facilities, and believe that our products are the brand that will be provided through the advice of skin care specialists.

Lifting & Whitening Anti-Aging Treatment

Our Lifting treatment give you a firm, lifted face that is full of youth and radiance. Using doctor’s cosmetics, MT Cosmetics, we can bring about true result with special exclusive active ingredients. DMAE stimulates muscles for firm and lifted face while Carnosine simulates production of collagen via our Fibroblast. These 2 ingredients can create a more supple & firm face, wrinkle free and minimised pores instantly!

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