Express Mini-Facial – 45 MINUTES: $58
Want a pampering experience but have no time? This mini-facial works wonders to restore your skin back to a healthy, glowing look.

Essential Facial – 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES: $138
Smooth, firm & tone complexion. Nourish, refresh & stimulate skin renewal. Restore healthy glow.

Soothing Facial – 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES: $158
Reduces inflammation and redness. A professional Guluronic Alginate mask extracted from the Laminaria Digitata plant, the Soothing Mask is prime for post treatments and sensitive skin as it provides immediate relief, Natural Seaweed Extracts help to firm the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines. Magnesium Oxide cleans and purifies the skin.

Pure Gold Tightening Special Treatment – 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES: $168
24K gold ingredient in the formula create active (-)ions by electrolysis. These (-)ions produces pulling force with the (+)ions in human blood which activates and enhance skin cell’s metabolism. It can also energized and promote the formation of new skin cells leaving the skin vivid and radiant. This treatment also contains Keratin Removal Deep Cleansing Essence and Skin Tightening Ampoules for smoothing out wrinkles, fine lines, uplift facial contour and increase skin elasticity.

Vitamin C Facial Oxygen Treatment – 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES: $238
Reduction of the appearance of fine lines. Reduce discoloration and pigmentation. Improvement of skin texture. Give the skin a lighter brighter appearance. Increased oxygenation of the skin. Increased hydration. Anti-oxidant properties.

COOL IPL Facial & Neck Treatment – 1 HOUR 15 MINUTES: $248
At age 20+, the skin starts to degenerate and the body does not produce collagen fast enough to counter pigments and wrinkles. A breakthrough IPL Treatment has revolutionary approach using light energy to remodel, rejuvenate and renew old skin, leaving your skin healthy, radiant and beaming with youthfulness and vitality.